Many divisions,
one strength

A leading group providing services for the wine industry

We help the growth
of your business

Secoton Wine Group supports wine-business companies in reaching their maximum potential

We work with wineries, producer associations and investors

Secoton Wine Group assists partners of different sizes in their commercial expansion and in undertaking targeted investments with the lowest possible risks.

"Secoton Wine Group has the ability to embrace the entire wine sector and take it to a higher level"

Luca D'Andrea - Secoton CEO

Many divisions - wide expertise

Each division has its own managerial independence and a focus on a specific target

Feel free to remain in touch with us

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A complete and passionate team, with experience in the international wine business

We are always looking for new business opportunities

Secoton Wine Group has a solution for every business-connected problem.
If you need assistance in the wine sector, feel free to contact us; we are looking forward to helping the growth of your business.

An all-inclusive service for wineries, consortia and investors


Viale del Lavoro, 47A,
37036 San Martino Buon Albergo VR